Theatre Managers

We realize most theatres are run as nonprofits, with limited resources. We hope to contribute to their success by offering the following services:


  • Professional photography services at no cost
  • Promotional print rights at no cost
  • Free promotion of the theatre in social media and on our website
  • Free incoming links to your current website and other social media


Please feel free to browse our gallery of work, and please share on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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  • Free professional photographs of hard to access theatres
  • Tip us off to interesting theatres in your area


Like what you see here? Please help us to continue to bring you quality photo galleries of historical theatres. Monies received directly support travel costs associated with theatre photography. Photography services are always pro bono. To help our cause, please consider:


  • Tip us off to interesting theatres in your area
  • Buying a print
  • Becoming a member
  • Become a supporter


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