Mark Mulhall

Mark Mulhall

Webmaster, Photographer, Videographer

I am a native of Detroit, Michigan, a true Midwestern guy. I have been living in Los Angeles since 1983. I love Southern California!

My love affair with historic theatres began when I moved to Los Angeles, and discovered the downtown theatre district. I loved touring these jewel boxes! Over the years the Los Angeles theatre district has become more popular, with more theatres opening to the public. The restoration efforts have been expanding. I think it is a good time to be documenting the progress being made.

My background has always been a mix between high tech and the visual arts. I have worked in video post production, movie production, photography, website development and marketing. Some of my past clients have included Jennifer Lopez, Martin Scorsese, Stevie Wonder,Bob Mackie and Miramax Films.


I have been lucky to have worked 10 years with photographer Bill Udell, specializing in photographing and videotaping figure skaters competing prior to the Olympics. I also worked 3 years with Anne White photographing magicians and giving marketing seminars nationally. I’ve worked with lots of doves, rabbits, snakes and tigers!

Web Design

I have extensive experience going back to 1997 when I built my first website for a client. I specialize in WordPress and Joomla CMS frameworks. Content Management Systems separate the content from the design, allowing the client to easily update their own website. This saves my clients time and money. All my websites are responsive, reconfiguring automatically for phone, tablet and pc.

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John Hough

John Hough

Photographer, Booker

I was born in Erie, Pa, grew up there and left when I was 18. Growing up one of the family friends was an advanced amateur photographer. I think I was around 10 at the time and was fascinated by the idea of taking pictures and being able to make prints. This was long before even the idea of digital photography was invented. Duncan was the person who inspired me in all aspects of photography, he had a darkroom in the basement of his house and  his help and patience was invaluable.

Since then I have learned quite a bit but what excites me about being a photographer is that there is always something new to learn and ways to improve, it is an unending journey. I am glad that I learned photography the old fashion way, I can really appreciate the incredible advantage that digital has given us and what we are able to do. Together with Photoshop, I am a happy camper

I have always loved old buildings, they seem to get better as they age. But I really love the old movie palaces. We will never see the likes of them again. My mission is to be able to photograph as many of these as I can. So many of these wonderful places have been torn down and there are very few if any photographs to look at and remember.

I moved to California in 1960, lived in San Francisco for 29 years and now live in West Hollywood, moved here in 1989.

I have done photoshoots for Architectural Digest, Kirk Douglas and his wife Anne, also Michael Landon and his wife Cindy, Bob Mackie at his Hollywood Hills home. Back in the 80’s while living in San Francisco I did a shoot with the Supremes and also Opera star Giacomo Aragall at the San Francisco Opera House. At the present time I  photograph high end homes for real estate agents in the Los Angeles area.  But of all the shoots I have done over the years, I am more excited about having the incredible  access to these wonderful theatres.

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