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  • Boys & Girls Club of Burlington Gets a Boost From Local Businesses
  • Boys & Girls Club Gets a Boost From Local Businesses

    For many young Vermonters, school isn’t just where they learn — it’s where they eat. And with schools closed due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, many students and families have to find another source of nourishment. Some families are turning to the Boys & Girls Club of Burlington. Local businesses are keeping them stocked up. (Paid Post)
    • Apr 1, 2020
  • What Are You Doing to #SaveLocalVT?
  • What Are You Doing to #SaveLocalVT?

    It’s time to break the Amazon habit! Share your story on about buying local on social media with the hashtag #SaveLocalVT or fill out the form below. You’ll be entered to win a gift card to a local restaurant or store — extra credit for creativity! Dazzle us, and we’ll publish your contributions to inspire your neighbors. (Paid Post)
    • Apr 1, 2020
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