SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – KUSI Theater Guru Joey Landwehr stopped by once again for another Theater Preview!

San Diego Repertory Theatre (Lyceum Theatre – Downtown)
Through December 8
Shocked by the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, and driven by fear and prejudice, America shipped its own citizens of Japanese ancestry off to internment camps for forced detention. Hold These Truths tells the inspiring true story of American hero Gordon Hirabayashi, a young man who defied an unjust order. Join Gordon on a 50-year quest to avenge an injustice to his community, restore his faith in the U.S. Constitution and reconcile America’s greatness with its shortcomings.
• Hold These Truths has played to sold-out audiences all over the country and features a tour-de-force performance by stage and screen actor Ryun Yu, who plays Gordon and 37 other characters.
• You may recognize Ryun Yu from some of his work on FINAL FANTASY VII, THE BROTHERS SOLOMON, and the television series: FULLER HOUSE, CASTLE, BONES, GOOD LUCK CHARLIE and many more.
• “Surprisingly humorous and openhearted.” – The Seattle Times
• Tickets: or 619-544-1000

San Diego Center for Jewish Culture, Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center (UTC)
Tuesday, December 3 @ 8:00pm (ONE NIGHT ONLY!)
One of the most exciting young contemporary dancers and choreographers in the U.K., the electrifying Aakash Odedra takes the stage in the captivating solo “Rising” with choreography from many globally acclaimed international artists. In “Rising,” Odedra draws on his background in all of the classical Indian dance disciplines of Kathak and Bharatanatyam while remaining intrinsically contemporary in style and concept. Exploring different processes and aesthetics in the pieces created for “Rising,” Odedra highlights different aspects of himself to create a new personal language: lyrical and graceful, brutal and raw, edgy and animalistic.
• Aakash Odedra has put together a company of dancers to support and enhance his work that ascends what one knows about dance.
• ” ‘Rising’ reveals an exceptionally agile dancer who, it appears, has no trouble slipping between styles, effortlessly multilingual.” -The New York Times
• Tickets: or 858-362-1348

Clairemont Act One (Clairemont)
November 22 – 30
Clairemont Act One, One of San Diego’s newest and up-coming theatres presents a special collection of original play shorts by local California playwrights.
• Swipe Left by Tom Misuraca – Swipe left to say no, Swipe right to say yes. All on your phone? Doesn’t this seem rather cold?
• CounterPlay by Jeanne Becijos – I will if you will is not just for childhood. Watch these old ladies stake out the neighborhood!
• Working Things Out by John Palmer – No pain, no gain..……you gotta sweat for it!
• The Waiting Room by Char Sivertson – An existentialist, after-life comedy. The Waiting Room is where people go after death. The actors and audience have some decisions to make!
• Noir Man by Ken Levine – Modern day Bogie and Bacall spar over Philip Marlowe.
• God’s Coffee Shop by Janet S. Tiger – When one door closes, another opens. Right?
• The Dentist by Ken Radomski – (Adapted from a Commedia Dell’ Arte Scenario by Flaminio Scala) Rotting teeth? Terrible breath? The Dentist will see you now!
• Tickets:

New Village Arts (Carlsbad)
November 16 – December 22
The majestically mysterious, fabulously wealthy, heartbreakingly lonely Victorian Phileas Fogg has determined, with mathematical precision, that the world can be circumnavigated in 80 days. On this belief, he has wagered his entire fortune. Will bandits, a herd of buffalo, an act of chivalry, an unreliable but ever faithful valet, and an unrelenting inspector from Scotland Yard keep him from his impossible task? Follow Fogg and his unforgettable companions aboard steamships, locomotives, and pachyderms as they learn about love, themselves, and a world that they never anticipated. Directed by Executive Artistic Director Kristianne Kurner. With original pirate rock ‘n roll music by The Shantyannes.
• “Not a minute is wasted in this new, family friendly adaptation of Jules Verne’s 1873 classic. Bursting with imagination, this exuberant whistle-stop tour through Verne is a lot of fun and a trip worth making.” –The Stage
• New Village Arts is a wonderful space in beautiful downtown Carlsbad. Go early, go shopping in the great shops along the way and get a bite at some really great restaurants in the charming downtown area.
• Tickets: or (760) 433-3245

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