Puppet master: Wil Johnson is excellent as AslanBRINKHOFF-MOEGENBURG

The Sunday Times, December 1 2019, 12:01am


Whizzy adaptations of cherished classics sometimes make me harrumph: the boastful destruction of the old, the dumbing-down, the way directors will jemmy in their political views and warp the original text. Grrr. Although there are a couple of strange moments in Sally Cookson’s The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, I was swept away by this colourful, accessible production and dazzled afresh by the great Christian allegory of CS Lewis’s story. The boldness of it all! Just in time for Advent, here is Aslan sacrificing his life to save “the son of Adam”. His dead body lies on the altar of the Stone Table and all seems lost to the wickedness of the icy White Witch. Then that table splits, Aslan is resurrected and we…