PALM SPRINGS, Calif. – Tickets for a fundraiser hosted by Nancy Sinatra benefiting the historic Plaza Theatre in Palm Springs will go on sale starting Friday at noon.

The special event will take place on Sunday, February 16 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Plaza Theatre located at 128 S. Palm Canyon Drive. The city announced the event will include a special screening selection of Nancy Sinatra’s work followed by a conversation with the audience. Nancy also promises to bring special celebrity guests.

Tickets go on sale at Noon on Friday, Nov. 1 and more details coming soon at

The event will help raise the money needed to restore the city’s historic Plaza Theatre. The theater was built in 1936 and played host to several Hollywood film premieres, national radio broadcasts, the Palm Springs International Film Festival, and the Fabulous Palm Springs Follies in its heyday. The heater has been closed since 2014.

It is estimated the city will need $10 million to $20 million to restore the building. Thanks a $10,000 donation from Modernism Week and a $50,000 donation from the Palm Springs Preservation Foundation, the total committed to the renovation project so far is $200,000.

A restoration and rehabilitation plan by consultants from Gensler, an international architectural firm, called for significant infrastructure repairs, the installation of new theatrical equipment, structural improvements to meet current fire prevention and Americans with Disabilities Act mandates, and 670 new seats.

“The Plaza Theatre is one of the most iconic buildings in Palm Springs,” Roberts said. “Restoring an important civic institution like this will require significant support from our local community. We encourage anyone interested to get involved and donate.” 

“We know that when the theater is fully restored, it will once again become an economic driver,” Moon said. “The Plaza Theatre is an important part of our history and we look forward to restoring this beloved treasure so it can meet the needs of future generations.”

For more information about the project or to donate, visit

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