Ryan Dayvault

What is your background and what qualifies you to represent the people of Kannapolis?

As a Kannapolis native and lifelong resident, I feel as I know the history of our city very well and have a deep connection to the citizens who make up our community.

I specifically wanted to live here after college to help my hometown.

I have almost eight years of experience in helping Kannapolis recover from the depths of recession and from the days of the mill closure.

It has been a major challenge to overcome the status quo, but I believe that we are on a path that will make Kannapolis an even greater place to live.

I am very thankful for everyone giving me an opportunity to serve (on City Council).

What do you see as the issues facing Kannapolis right now?

The biggest challenge is going to be figuring out ways to manage all of the opportunities that are coming to our town while making sure our citizens get the services they deserve.

I am huge on making sure the citizens who make up our city get their needs met and issues resolved, so that should never be compromised in the name of growth and new development.

A big opportunity we have is crafting the second decade of the NC Research Campus’ development, working to get the campus completed and more jobs brought to the core of the city once again.

Why are you the best person for this office?

Love of my hometown.

I am committed to the people of this city. I fight for our citizens and what is in the best interest of our city every chance I get.

I am proud of my hometown and want it to be the absolute best place in the state to live.

God has given me the ability to fight for those who would not have a voice otherwise and to help move our community forward.

What goals do you have for Kannapolis, if elected?

I will continue to push for economic growth for all areas of our city.

There are many more phases of downtown revitalization that need to occur. As a Kannapolis native, downtown revitalization and restoration is very important to me.

The next steps at the top of my list continues to be a focus on getting developers on board to renovate and restore the historic buildings in downtown.

We have some underway already, but the Main Street buildings and other older buildings need much repair to preserve them for future generations.

The Gem Theatre restoration project is another very important downtown project, to protect and preserve it for the future. It brings in over 120,000 people per year to downtown, which is a major downtown draw. It holds a special place in the hearts of us from Kannapolis.

Another goal is continuing to work with our school system to partner more on facilities and programs, as well as helping create opportunities for youth in our city.

We also must work on improving the infrastructure in our older neighborhoods, from water and sewer and sidewalk repair/installation.

We must also take full advantage of the new Old Beatty Ford Road interchange on I-85 that will be in the City of Kannapolis so that our residents have even more work, living and shopping opportunities.

This area, along with the western part of the city, will be connected via a revitalized downtown, that will make in-fill growth possible in the older areas of the city.   


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