The Fox Theatre opened its doors on Christmas day in 1929. The feature was a Mickey Mouse in “Steamboat Willie.” Nine decades later, the historic movie palace and concert venue has become a landmark destination for families and performers.

Then, in 1975 the Fox Theatre was scheduled to be demolished for a parking lot. Atlanta residents rallied, protested and gave time and money to save it. Artists from Linda Rondstadt to Liberace to Lynyrd Skynard performed benefits concerts and thanks to their collective efforts, the Fabulous Fox stands today.

In 2008, The Fox Theatre Institute was established to preserve and restore historic theaters around the state of Georgia.

Tomorrow evening, the Fox will be hosting a “Revival” concert to spread awareness of the Institute’s mission for historic preservation. Leigh Burns, director of the Fox Theatre Institute spoke with Lois Reitzes about the reasons for celebration.

“I think in Atlanta we all feel we’re collective owners of the Fox and that’s still something that we hold onto and celebrate,” Burns said.

Reitzes also spoke with a few of the Georgia musicians who will be performing at the “Revival.”

Patterson Hood of the Drive-by Truckers: “The Fox is one of the most iconic venues in the world. I’ve only performed there twice, and both times were pretty magical. Atlanta was the first city that we ever had any sort of following, so this city is pretty important to our story.”

Michelle Malone: “I was probably four or five years old the first time I went to the Fox. We went on a Saturday to see a movie called ‘Santa and the Three Bears.’ I haven’t heard of that film since, but I still remember seeing it. When I walked into the theatre, I just started bubbling over. It was just so ornate and huge and overwhelming. It was such a great experience.”

(Summer Evans/WABE)

Kevn Kinney of “Drivin’ N Cryin’,” who will also be hosting the event: “My first memories with the Fox was when I went to see ‘Gone with the Wind.’ I had never seen the movie before, so that was my starting point with the venue. Seven years later, ‘Drivin’ N Cryin’ was playing there, which was a pretty big deal.”

(Summer Evans/WABE)

The “Revival” concert begins Sept. 13 at 7 p.m at the Fox Theatre.

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