Did you guys know each other before?

RICKI-LEE COULTER: I knew Lucy. We had done a tour together, Disney under the Stars. We did all Disney songs out on the forecourt and the steps of the Opera House. It was the greatest thing I’ve ever done. So amazing. We’d also share a dressing room at Carols [by Candlelight] and things like that. She’s the most lovely, beautiful human.

Ricki-Lee and Lucy, how would you describe each other?

COULTER: A ray of sunshine, happy … I almost want to catch her doing something bad because I want to be able to not believe. I want to believe she’s not that perfect. But she’s perfect. She’s a real-life Disney princess.
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LUCY DURACK: I love working with Ricki- Lee. She is kind, honest, good value and good fun. She is a salt-of-the-earth, super supportive person to have around and I have loved watching her go from strength to strength in the role of host. I really think she is smashing it out of the ball park and I am so proud of her.

What’s Nicole like?

COULTER: Awesome! I mean, she’s a diva. She is?

COULTER: Not in a bad way. She’s sassy, she’s fierce and she’s cool. She’s friendly and lovely, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Ricki-Lee, is it true you were a big fan of Nicole’s before you met her?

COULTER: Yes! When you’re a fan of someone, you know, it’s always hard to meet them. Sometimes you meet people and you’re like “oh, you’re a d–k”. I grew up listening to her music. We did a photo shoot, and we were having a photo together, and I was like “I just have to tell you, ‘Run’ is one of my favourite songs, ever,” and she was like “Babe, I was just listening to ‘Not Too Late’, your song. Oh my God, your voice, your lungs, – you can sing girl!” But we’re saying that in glittery dresses trying to have a photo, and I’m like, “Oh my God!”.

Nicole, did you enjoy working with Ricki-Lee?

NICOLE SCHERZINGER: Yeah! I mean obviously she’s not sitting next to us on the panel, but she’s lovely. I really admire Ricki’s voice. She’s got a beautiful soulful voice.

How did you get along with Lucy?

SCHERZINGER: I think it’s always important for other women in this industry to build each other up. I really adore Lucy as well and I’m a fan of hers. Obviously, we both have a very similar musical theatre background.

DURACK: Nicole and I are from a similar vintage. And seeing strong women rising up, and strong young women who are teenagers, that was really inspiring to us. And it was really nice to have a woman next to me and be like, wow things are changing for women. And it’s so great to see that represented on the stage. It was nice to be united in that way. So yeah, we all got on really well and had a really fun time together.


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