LOMPOC, Calif. – The Lompoc Theatre is a historical building that has slowly come back to life over the last year. It was once a famed theater that drew stars like Eddie Cantor in the 1920’s and later big names like Liberace.

“This was one of the jewels in the crown of performing centers, up along the coast of California so everyone came,” said one of the board of directors of The Lompoc Theatre Project, Anne Ramsey.

The theater has come a long way since the Calvert family sold it to The Lompoc Theatre Project in 2017. The Project is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to bring the theater back to the life it once knew.

Michael Sewall, also one of the board of directors for The Project notes, ” this year has been a big year, we have gotten this place safe for families to come into, we have had food and wine events in here … and that is an exciting thing because a year and a half ago you had to wear a hard hat to come in here.”

Coming this January the theater will be hosting its first wedding and starting a monthly theater tour of the historical building. 

“A wedding that is going to be here on the stage, it’s the first one in 91 years, in our history. And that’s going to be fun,” said Sewall.

The non-profit theater project has raised $250,000 so far towards renovations and in October received a $15,000 grant from the Towbes Group. But they still have a long way to go estimating it will take up to six million dollars in total to restore the theater back to what it once was.

“We hope to get the community involved in every way, we have a big space available for events as we are renovating the theater, so why not get people in here now and do a lot of community things. Anything you can think of we can do it here,” said Sewall.

If you would more information on how to donate or how to be involved in their community events go to https://lompoctheatre.org


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