NAMPA — The Pix Anew — formally the Pix Theatre Foundation — is hosting a meeting on Feb. 10 to organize volunteers and move forward with a plan to restore the more than 70-year-old theater to its former glory.

The theater was bought by Debbie Lasher-Hardy in February 2016.

The foundation had raised the $1.5 million necessary to revive the Pix Theatre when the roof collapsed in 2003. The roof was replaced in 2006, but the expense left board members struggling to break even with fundraising costs, insurance, taxes and other expenses.


After buying the theater, Lasher-Hardy had to put the project on hold to help her mother who had leukemia. Her mother died in July.

Lasher-Hardy is again at work on the Pix, including organizing several committees that provide ideas on how to restore the building, she said.

At the upcoming Saturday meeting, Pix Anew will move forward with some of those ideas and meet with any volunteers willing to give their time, including electricians, painters, grant writers or anyone with ideas.

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According to Lasher-Hardy, the project will likely cost $2-$3 million depending on how much help Pix Anew can get from volunteers.

Once the building is restored, Lasher-Hardy wants to provide the community with a variety of performances including theatrical arts, live music and classical movies.

“I would like to see more art and more availability of arts of all kinds in Nampa,” Lasher-Hardy said.

According to Lasher-Hardy, having a versatile theatre in Nampa would keep residents from needing to commute to Boise for entertainment.

“A lot Nampa people don’t want to go as far as Boise and they don’t want to be caught up in the Boise atmosphere,” said Lasher-Hardy.

Pix Anew has requested that all volunteers be over the age of 18 have a valid ID, proof of insurance and contact information.

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